We’re a constant work in progress

Respect for people and the environment has long been at the heart of our business. We have a targeted approach to sustainability to make real, tangible improvements across our organisation.

Our three-pillar strategy guides our actions so we can make a difference.

1.   Brands with purpose

Our brands lead the way in making a difference, helping us maximise our positive impact.

2.   Owning our footprint

Managing our footprint isn’t just about making sure we’re operating sustainably – it’s about making a positive impact on the world around us and ensuring our workplace is green, diverse and inclusive.

You can view our D&I strategy here.

Our target is to reduce our carbon emission by 25% by 2025 as we work towards becoming carbon neutral.

3.   Promoting circularity and collaboration

We recognise that we can make a bigger impact by embedding circular processes and collaborating with partners in our industry.

Our target is to ensure all our packaging is recyclable, recycled or compostable.

Reports, standards and policies

UN Sustainable Development goals

Charity partners