New transparency platform drives 100-1-0 sustainability ambitions

Pentland Brands is partnering with Segura to map our entire multi-brand, multi-tier supply chain.

As part of our commitment to continually improving our brands’ ethical and sustainable actions, Pentland Brands is partnering with Segura to map our entire multi-brand, multi-tier supply chain – from the first tier to raw materials – across our global operations.    

Segura, the leading software solution for next-generation supply chain transparency and traceability, will also help us to track our suppliers’ sustainability progress and measure and manage compliance. The data captured, via the Segura platform, will then help consumers with their buying decisions.  

This is a significant move forward in transparency and traceability and is part of our 100-1-0 sustainability strategy and our commitment to being a positive business for people and planet. Key to this strategy is collating and sharing with our brand teams and suppliers robust environmental and social data; helping to align the entire business behind our 100-1-0 goals.   

Launched in November 2021 during COP26, the 100-1-0 strategy outlines three key goals to be achieved by our centenary year in 2032; helping 100 million consumers live healthy active, sustainable lives, supporting one million people in our communities and reaching net zero.  

Patrick Wall, chief executive officer at Segura, says, “We welcome the partnership with Pentland, a company dedicated to promoting awareness of environmental management and leadership throughout their brands. We are looking forward to working with them and helping them achieve their goals. We are delighted to welcome the Pentland Brands to the Segura community.”  

Sara Brennan, positive business director at Pentland Brands, says “Our supply chain is complex and, with consumers demanding increased transparency from all businesses, we’re proud to be reaching this milestone with Segura. Investing in the right sustainability tools is essential to driving towards our 100-1-0 goals. The Segura platform not only meets our needs today but also has the flexibility to help us build transparency and traceability into our business for the long term.”