Grab your Berghaus, it's time to get out

Berghaus recognises that we’re all outdoor people at heart. We love to get out, come rain, shine or more rain. But life today has a nasty habit of getting in the way, like when we find ourselves scrolling rather than walking.

Berghaus joined the Pentland family in 1993 and, from its early days above a shop in the North-East of England, the brand has racked up more than 50 years’ experience creating outdoor gear. It’s beautifully designed and built to last to help people get into the outdoors.

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Pictured — Col du Soulor, refuelling. [1,474m peak].

__Calorie replenishment is key when climbing cold altitudes, a matter of life and death in
extreme conditions. Climbers often burn a high amount of calories, one severe example
of this is how Mount Everest mountaineers are sometimes shown to burn a daily
average of 20,000 calories (summit climb) and 10,000 calories (rest of the climb).

But it's not all about surviving the 'Death Zone' — cooking and eating outdoors has also
been one of life's greatest joys for hikers and explorers worldwide. This is quite literally
what fuels you on the pursuit of staying outside for longer.

Some famous and some niche examples of what's consumed outdoors, from peaks to
forests, include: dry noodles, MREs (meal ready to eat), gels, mortadella sandwich,
spam, porridge, trail mix, jerky, ghee, garlic for altitude adaptation, canned fruit, cheese
baguettes, dal bhat, nut butter pouches, bananas.


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"The first thing I tell people is to make a note of what they just saw."

An introduction to winter birdwatching
Ep. #002 Pro tips
by @birdnerdeem

Documenting the endless pursuit of staying outside for longer.

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Cold Counterparts II __ Crampons
The Footwear Tool that Unlocked Ice For Us

The series has been researched, curated, developed and written by @aligeorgehinkins.

Outside of sports purposes, like climbing and hiking, crampons have allowed scientists and
explorers to safely conduct research in hard-to-reach parts of the globe. Without tools and
equipment like crampons, it would be nigh on impossible, not to mention downright
dangerous, to even accomplish close to what humans have done.

Crampons are often utilised alongside conventional footwear to navigate unstable terrains
that are blanketed by heavy snow and ice.

While there were earlier iterations of crampons, the design that we know today was
conceived by the English engineer and climber, Oscar Eckenstein, in 1908. As is the case
with other forms of mountaineering equipment, the crampon was conceptualised out of first-
hand experience. A year later, in 1909, Eckenstein met Henri Grivel, an Italian blacksmith,
who helped to forge and commercialise the first ten-point crampon.

The Super Light Grivel crampons, made in 1936 from a combination of alloy of nickel, chrome
and molybdenum, assisted in the expedition led by Edmund Hillary who reached the summit
of Mt Everest in 1953, as well as Ardito Desio’s summit of K2 in 1954. As a testament to their
innovation, they have since been worn to summit the world’s highest three peaks: Everest, K2
and Kangchenjunga.

Modern advancements in manufacturing have meant that crampons have become
increasingly lighter, stronger and more adaptable to the conditions at hand, with three types
of crampons now available: step-in, hybrid and strap bindings.

Aside from use in mountaineering and alpine sports, crampon devices can also be attached
to running shoes to allow the wearer to partake in extreme endurance events like The Ice
Ultra, a five-day, five-stage, ultramarathon inside the Arctic Circle, facilitating humans’ endless
want and need for exploring the cold no matter the terrain.

Documenting the endless pursuit of staying outside for longer.

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¨Not all birds go chasing summer, some have evolved to love the cold and stay put all
year round.¨

An introduction to winter birdwatching
Ep. #001 Winter birds
by @birdnerdeem

Documenting the endless pursuit of staying outside for longer.

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A jacket for the coldest city days.

__ Unisex
__ Hydrodown® ➊
__ Technical performance
__ City centric design

Search: 41643

➊ __ Water-repellent. Warm. Revolutionary. Our Hydrodown® Technology features
specially coated natural-down that repels water and will keep you warm and comfortable
for longer.

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Kendal Mountain Festival 2023 - over and out!

Here’s some of the best moments from this weekend, with all our legendary ambassadors, epic adventures, inspiring talks and award winning films. We’re already excited for next year, catch you there in 2024 🏔️

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Pictured: from left to right — Chris Bonington, Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison, 1980s.

__Back in the 60s, an observation of what they saw as a lack of quality outdoor gear sparked
the creation of Newcastle upon Tyne’s specialist outdoor store LD Mountain Centre. The L
and D being the initials of mountaineers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison who, with their
conviction that kit was capable of so much more, soon began to design and manufacture their
own gear for sale in the shop under the name Berghaus (‘Mountain House’).

Throughout the decades, the brand would innovate and revolutionise the technical outdoor
gear landscape — taking some famous faces of the climbing world into nature's coldest
places, notably with British mountaineering legend Chris Bonington. Later, by which time he
was Sir Chris Bonington, he reflected on the beginning of the collaboration in 1984: “I
thought, this is a company with a real future, that is really developing.”

Almost 60 years later, we strive to continually push the limits and innovate to positively
contribute to the outdoor world, whilst still being shaped by our core foundations at every

1 __ The outdoors must be for everyone.
2 __ If it’s Berghaus, it’s built to last.
3 __ Real innovation has purpose.

Documenting the endless pursuit of staying outside for longer.

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It’s almost time again for the UK’s biggest adventure festival, @kendalmountainfestival

And we’ll be back again with an action-packed program plus a few surprises thrown in to get you inspired to get outside.

We’ve got exciting talks, incredible films and opportunities to get up close and personal with our ambassadors to get all the hints and tips you need for you next adventure.

Stay tuned here for udpates on everything we have coming up at Kendal Mountain Festival 2023

Will we see you there?

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