Grab your Berghaus, it's time to get out

Berghaus recognises that we’re all outdoor people at heart. We love to get out, come rain, shine or more rain. But life today has a nasty habit of getting in the way, like when we find ourselves scrolling rather than walking.

Berghaus joined the Pentland family in 1993 and, from its early days above a shop in the North-East of England, the brand has racked up more than 50 years’ experience creating outdoor gear. It’s beautifully designed and built to last to help people get into the outdoors.

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House Of The Gods – now streaming on Reel Rock Unlimited, more details over at @reelrock or at the link in our bio.

The film documents Leo Houlding (@leo_houlding) and his crew taking to the Amazon rainforest and tackling Mount Roraima. Despite multiple attempts, the iconic prow has never been free-climbed. The veteran expedition leader and world-class rock climber has assembled a team, including up-and-coming Cumbrian climber Anna Taylor (@anna_taylor_98), jungle expert Waldo Etherington (@waldo_etherington) and seasoned climber Wilson Cutbirth (@wilstone8) to undertake the big wall expedition.

The Akawaio (the indigenous people of the Roraima region) will need to use their deep knowledge and ancestral survival skills to aid Leo and his team in reaching the summit.

“This was an exceptionally challenging expedition; we were free-climbing a new route on a big wall in a remote location. The intention was to bring in new blood and give others the opportunity to summit. This compounded the challenge as having a bigger crew means more equipment, making everything more difficult." - Leo Houlding

Watch the film through the link in our bio. Available to Reel Rock subscribers.

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Inspiring others to get outside is nothing new to Zahrah (@the_hillwalking_hijabi ) and neither is Munro bagging. But just a few weeks back Zahrah bagged her first as a new mum, post-emergency Caesarean section and carrying her son Harris on her back. Including provisions, that’s a total weight of almost 30kg. No mean feat when you’re only a matter of months on from major abdominal surgery.

The summit push went like this; weather forecast looking good, clingy teething baby needing some TLC, and Meall Nan Tarmachan on your doorstep! A perfect combo. With a well-timed car nap done, they were off. But it’s a new adventure; packing took longer, there was more to carry, more to remember, more stops with feeds, and now nappy changes. It was not plain sailing but in Zahrah’s words, she “felt renewed and accomplished”. Sharing the carrying of Harris with her partner Tom and completing their first Munro as a young family was a great reward.

With one Munro down and Harris clearly with a natural love of the outdoors like his mum, we can’t wait to see which summit is next.

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Berghaus ambassador for over 20 years, Leo Houlding will release his autobiography ‘Closer to the Edge’ this September.

This trailer peeks behind the cover to give a taste of what has inspired and driven Leo to take on adventures in the wildest of locations and rightly earn him a reputation as one of the UK’s best. Head to the link in our bio to pre-order the book.

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Dean Street Discovers x Iyamah

Inspired by the likes of Erikha Badu and Lauyren Hill, Iyamah represents a new era of British Neo Soul. Drawing inspiration from her childhood in Brighton and her roots in London, she is currently at the forefront of her sound.

Styled in the new SS22 collection, we recently sat down with the artist to delve deeper into her sound and how the outdoors has inspired it.

Link is in bio to discover the new collection.

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Dean Street Discovers x @wearecassia

Channeling tropical vibes, Cassia are helping to transform the dreariest days into a feel good festival. Not the easiest task but with the eclectic range of inspiration they are well equipped to shake up the scene.

Styled in the new SS22 collection, we recently sat down with the band to take a deeper dive into how the outdoors has inspired their sound.

Link in bio to discover the new collection

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Run up it. Why? Because it’s there.

@10in10 delivered the adventure and the Lake District delivered the drama.

Incredible footage by @talesbyjosh capturing the hill ridge from Causey Pike to Sail during this year’s challenge.

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Stay out for longer with packable kit you can count on. Spot on for those action-packed summer adventures.

The new collection is available now through the link in bio.

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