100 million consumers

living positive, active, sustainable lifestyles

A quarter of all people do not do enough physical activity, and 20% of the world’s young people live with mental health issues*. Our brands will support consumers by creating sustainable products that support emotional and physical wellbeing. We will accelerate our focus on bringing communities together and supporting causes that matter to our consumers.   

*World Health Organisation

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ellesse joins Patta to shake up tennis culture

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Brands' top tips to support body and mind

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Positive Business: brands leading the way

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1 million people

living better lives in our communities

Almost half of all people are living on less than six dollars a day*. COVID-19 has impacted the most vulnerable, and discrimination, prejudice and injustice are dividing societies. We’ve committed to having 100% transparency across our supply chain, to protect human rights and the environment. We will be champions for social mobility, diversity and inclusivity. We will also give 1% of profits to charity every year and, over the next ten years, will donate half a million products to those most in need.


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Over 80 entrepreneurs receive Pentland Brands support

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IWD 2020

Celebrating International Women's Day, every day

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Brands taking action for Pride Month

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A Net Zero business

by 2032

Our industry produces 10% of the world’s carbon emissions*. Through science-based carbon emission reductions and off-setting initiatives, our brands will achieve net zero by 2032. Initiatives include planting 50 million trees by 2032 to restore healthy forests, increase biodiversity and reduce extreme poverty 

*World Economic Forum

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Earth Day 2021: brands taking action

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Pentland Brands confirms commitment to sustainability

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Endura million trees (1)

Endura one million trees closer to CO2 negative

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We’re a constant work in progress

Although we know there’s much more work to be done, were committed to helping create a world that’s better, fairer and greener. Find out more about how we’re working towards our goals in our Positive Business report.