Signed, Sealed, Stoked – Endura becomes B Corp certified

We’re proud to announce that Endura has achieved B Corp certification, a significant milestone in achieving our Pentland Brands 100-1-0 Positive Business goals.

Endura is the second brand in our portfolio to achieve B Corp status, with Berghaus being certified in 2022. Being B Corp certified means both Endura and Berghaus are held to high standards across a range of factors, including the treatment of workers, environmental impact and contributions to society.

Based in Scotland, the Endura team has worked hard to place sustainability at the heart of everything they do, taking numerous steps, over many years, to improve processes, remove harmful chemicals (such as PFAS and PTFE) from products and reduce environmental footprint.

Catherine Draper, Strategic Engagement Manager at B Lab UK says, “We’re delighted to welcome Endura to the B Corp community, a community which this week has officially reached 2,000 B Corps in the UK. This is a movement of companies who are committed to changing how business operates and believe business really can be a force for good. We know that Endura is going to be a fantastic addition to the community and will help us in driving the conversation forward.”

B Corp certification entails a thorough and robust process. Companies are evaluated using the B Impact Assessment (BIA), an online tool that measures performance against the B Corp standards.

Noah Bernard, Senior Vice President of Endura comments, “Achieving B Corp status is a great step in the right direction. The team has done an amazing job of assessing the wide range of activities that are covered under B Labs standards and taking necessary measures to ensure that we exceeded the pass mark. We’re looking forward to making further progress over coming years.”

The B Corp standards undergo a rigorous review process every three years to ensure continued relevance and effectiveness and align with our 100-1-0 Positive Business strategy.  This strategy sets out three major goals to be delivered by 2032, our centenary year:

  • Helping 100 million consumers live positive, active, sustainable lifestyles
  • Improving the lives of 1 million people in our communities
  • Becoming a net zero business
Pentland Brands Positive Business Director, Sara Brennan says, “Endura getting B Corp certification is a fantastic way of demonstrating and validating the great work Endura is doing in becoming more sustainable. It’s a great step forward and another important milestone for Pentland Brands 100-1-0 Positive Business strategy.”

To follow Endura’s journey as a B Corp certified brand, visit their website or follow the brand on Instagram and X. To follow Pentland Brand’s journey to becoming a more positive business, follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and X.