IWD: Our brands driving inclusion in sports and the outdoors

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is ‘Inspiring Inclusion’. From supporting grassroots movements, to signing powerful ambassadors, here’s how some of our brands helping to remove the barriers to inclusion and empowering more women to get involved in sports and outdoor activities.


Canterbury has been on a mission to increase the visibility of women’s rugby. They signed Ellie Kildunne in 2021, launching a collection with her in Summer of 2023. This bold move marked Ellie as the first women’s rugby player to collaborate with a major sportswear brand on a collection. By spotlighting such a prominent figure, Canterbury aims to demonstrate to young girls that rugby is a game for women.

Canterbury is also tackling period anxiety in sport. In 2023, the brand introduced a programme where players and teams, who previously purchased white shorts, can trade them in for a different colour, increasing women’s confidence on the pitch.

This year, Canterbury is launching its ‘Forward to 50’ campaign, with the aim of achieving equal male and female participation in rugby.  Building on the ‘FWD Fund’ launched in 2022 – which provides support to grassroot rugby players, coaches and clubs with kit, equipment or funding – the new ‘Forward to 50’ fund will support over 400 women and girls this year.

Keep an eye out for Canterbury’s new campaign, “To my Younger self”. This campaign features female rugby player’s advice to their younger selves, opening up a wider conversation about gender equality in sport and amplifying women’s representation.


This year Berghaus are announcing their support of Outward Bound’s new Women’s Outdoor Instructor Development Programme. There are significantly fewer women working in the outdoor sector than men, giving this course the possibility to make the industry a more inclusive and welcoming place.

Running for 10 weeks in the autumn of 2024, the programme provides an exciting chance to participate in a course designed by women for women, including the unique opportunity to be led and mentored by other women, as well as men. Participants will develop a variety of skills, from those needed in the great outdoors, to leadership and working with young people.


For the past three years Endura has sponsored the LimitLass mountain biking festival in Scotland. Co-founded by Endura ambassador Anna Riddell to empower and unite women, the festival provides an inclusive space that allows women to enjoy mountain biking, a traditionally male dominated sport. This year Endura is once again the festival headline sponsor.

After carrying out a comprehensive fit and sizing survey in 2023, Endura is working to improve women’s cycling gear, looking at creating options for sizes and fits traditionally uncatered for. In 2024, Endura will be visiting FNY Collective, in Scotland, and the SeaOtter bike festival, in California, to carry out more research and workshops for the project.


Mitre continues to champion women’s football.  While the brand has sponsored the current Women’s FA Cup tournament since 2018, it has a much longer association with the tournament. Mitre sponsored the first Women’s FA Cup, with the winner’s trophy being called the ‘Mitre Challenge Trophy’ until 1976.

In 2023, Mitre decided to honour the ‘Lost Lionesses’. The term describes the 1971 England Women’s team, who travelled to Mexico for the 1971 World Cup. The unofficial team disbanded shortly after their return to England. Fast forward to August 2023 and Mitre was keen to acknowledge these trailblazers by presenting them with upcycled Mitre Ultimax balls to acknowledge and celebrate their incredible achievements.

This year, Mitre is teaming up with Miss Kick for a new two-year partnership, which aims to break down the barriers to women entering football. The partnership will widen participation at multiple levels.  Mitre will provide balls and equipment to encourage more girls to play, watch, coach and feel involved in the sport. The brand will also help 10 girls get their FA coaching badges and invite Miss Kick community members to the Adobe Women’s FA Cup Final.

To keep up to date with our brands’ plans’ for 2024, visit their websites, Instagram pages and X feeds, linked below:

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