Meet our incredible charity partners supporting thousands of lives

International Charity Day

Today we’re recognising International Charity Day and the incredible work of our charity partners, who are addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges.  

Together, so far in 2023, we’ve proudly supported over 100,000 people in our communities and donated 100,000 products across 12 global regions – reaching our annual milestone three months early.  

We support organisations that inspire people to be more active, strengthen underserved communities and drive forward environmental initiatives. The impact goes beyond statistics; it’s about transforming real lives within our communities.  

Water: a catalyst for change   

Globally, 771 million people lacking basic access to clean and safe drinking water. Since 2021, our brands have rallied behind charity: water to construct five water projects in India and Cambodia, bringing clean water to nearly 1,500 people.   

These efforts have transformed communities. Jema from Odisha, in India, no longer schedules her entire day around water collection, waking up at 4:30am to cook, clean, care for her children, collect water, and help her husband on the farm. Now she has three water taps at home, a toilet and a bathroom.   

On the change, Jema said: “Innumerable times, I am running to collect water for my family. One requires water for practically everything. There used to be no time to relax. There is so much more pride and dignity in the way we live now.”   

Life-changing loans  

Since we set up our charity partnership with Lendwithcare in 2018, we’ve provided vital microfinance support to 434 entrepreneurs in economically challenged regions across Africa, South America and Asia. This ripple effect has led to the creation of 92 jobs within their communities and has positively influenced the lives of approximately 1,800 family members.   

Pakistan business owner Waqas Sahib shared his experience: “My Lendwithcare loan allowed me to purchase fabric on a cash basis. This has helped me to increase my income and improve my family’s living standards, as I am now better able to pay for school fees and quality meals.”  

Inclusive sports opportunities   

Drowning ranks among the top causes of death for children and young individuals, especially for those from marginalised backgrounds or with disabilities. Our charity partnership with Panathlon offers game-changing sports opportunities for young people with disabilities across the UK. 

Andy Felton, a teacher from Darlinghurst in the South-End-On-Sea, shared a learner’s experience at a recent gala organised by Panathlon: “These events open doors for children who often don’t find their place in other sports teams. They find a new sense of confidence in the water. Activities are incredibly inclusive, accommodating all ability levels, and can spark a positive shift in their lives. It might lead them to join sports clubs, or simply feel empowered to ask their parents to swim again.”  

Donating products to those that need them  

Over the past two decades, we’ve worked with In Kind Direct to distribute products to those in need. This year, our brands have supported over 900 charities through product donations that provide warmth and protection, as well as supporting physical and mental wellbeing.  

Our global charity partnerships support our 100-1-0 positive business strategy, with the aim of improving the lives of 1 million people in our communities by 2032. Find out more here.  

Find out more about our global impact charity here.  

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