Kickers proud to publish first Positive Business UK report

Since the 1970s, Kickers UK has united communities from schoolyards to music festivals. The brand has now launched its first Positive Business UK report, outlining its actions to support people and planet, and its commitment to doing things differently.

Raising their hands

Kickers believe in the power of education and empowering young people to question the world around them and create societal change.

Kickers has been working with the UK’s leading anti-racism educational charity, Show Racism the Red Card. This key partnership encouraged 600+ schools to participate in a national anti-racism fundraising event.

They also funded 30,000 breakfasts to school kids across the UK through the Magic Breakfast Club, by donating a proportion of sales from every pair of Kickers sold on in August 2021.

Supporting young talent

Kickers have a rich history of inspiring young people and supporting them in their creative journeys.

Their charity partnership with the National Saturday Club ignited school children’s creativity through classes and virtual events.

This year will see Kickers launch new initiatives aimed at helping young people to remove barriers to the creative industry. These include Kickers Presents, a platform that spotlights up-and-coming young creatives and Kickers Collective, a UK-wide ambassador programme competition offering the chance for young people to gain paid work experience.

Product innovation that doesn’t compromise

Behind the scenes, Kickers have been working hard to reimagine a better way of making footwear that is increasingly lower impact, but that doesn’t compromise on quality.

In 2021, Kickers teamed up with the ethical clothing brand Lucy & Yak to launch a 100% vegan boot and, this year, the brand will introduce a plant-based vegan range into their ‘Back to School’ collection.

As Kickers continue to explore and trial materials made from plant-based materials, Kickers’ long-term ambition is to offer more choices to its consumer, with a target of 35% vegan footwear by 2023.

Kickers is committed to building a fair, ethical and transparent supply chain that protects workers’ rights and improves working conditions, as detailed in the Pentland Brands Modern Slavery report. Partnerships with global industry bodies, such as Leather Working Group, Better Cotton and the Ethical Trading Initiative, help uphold and promote ethical standards.

Reducing environmental impact

Kickers is committed to leaving a lighter footprint and working towards being a net zero business by 2032.

Kickers have ditched the plastic bags in their packaging from online footwear orders, and their shoeboxes are made from FSC-certified paper with 90% recycled material and natural soya ink. They’re working to also reduce any plastic packaging from their clothing ranges by 2024.

In 2022, the brand will be planting a tree for every pair of Kickers footwear made* through the Eden Reforestation Project. They also partner with charity: water, which aims to bring clean, safe water to every person on the planet, by funding community-owned piped systems in a remote community in India.

Kickers is committed to finding ways to give their products a second life. Partnerships with Reskinned (launching summer 2022) and the charity Sports Traider help extend the life of their products.

While there’s a lot still to be done, Kickers is committed to challenging themselves to do better. They continue to invest in research, lead with a positive business mindset and collaborate with others to make a better world for their consumer and communities. Where others see problems, they see opportunities to find solutions.

Read the Kickers Positive Business UK report here.

Pentlands Brands is the UK licensee for Kickers’ footwear, clothing and accessories.

*All production from our 2022 ranges and orders, including main ranges and replenishment

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