Change starts here: Kickers joins forces with Show Racism the Red Card

As part of its ‘Change Starts Here’ platform, Kickers is joining forces with Show Racism the Red Card – one of the UK’s leading anti-racism education charities. The partnership sees the launch of a joint competition starting today, in celebration of Wear Red Day on 16th October 2020 – a national day of action for schools and businesses that helps fund anti-racism activities for adults and young people across the UK.

The competition, hosted by Kickers in collaboration with Show Racism the Red Card, offers every school that registers for Wear Red Day the chance to win a selection of prizes including £2000 worth of Mitre Sports kit, 100 diversity books from Knights Of organisation and 10 Amazon Fire Tablets. The winning school will also participate in an anti-racism workshop hosted by Show Racism the Red Card.

The collaboration is part of Kickers’ Change Starts Here platform, which sees the brand partner with organisations that share its goal of making tangible change in the areas of diversity and inclusion, education, environmental impact. Since launching in 1970, Kickers has been on the feet of change-makers from the school yard to the world stage. While unity and diversity has always been part of Kickers’ DNA, the brand believes that recent events around the globe have made it more important than ever to speak out.

Working with high-profile footballers as role-models, Show Racism the Red Card aims to educate both children and adults about racism in society. Reaching over 50,000 young people and more than 6,000 adults each year through direct education, the charity is making huge strides towards a more diverse and inclusive future.

On the partnership, Deputy Chief Executive of Show Racism the Red Card, Paul Kearns, says, “Show Racism the Red Card are delighted to be supported by Kickers and are looking forward to developing this exciting new partnership. Working with a brand that shares a similar ethos to SRtRC, we will seek to bring people together to effect positive change and to ensure that this relationship is a meaningful one, and one that makes a difference.”

Mike Whitby, Kickers Brand Manager, says: “Kickers is delighted to be partnering with Show Racism the Red Card for their upcoming WEAR RED day project in October. This annual event is a fantastic fit with our story – showing off our prowess in education, standing up for what is right and our close connection to our passionate consumers. We are excited to help SRtRC broaden their awareness in UK schools and together we will engage more people than ever before.”

The competition runs until 30th September so the winning entry can be decided in the run up to Wear Red Day on the 16th October, with registrations at

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