Three months on with Kev McFadyen, Berghaus brand director

Unlocking growth for Berghaus

Driven to lead Berghaus to its seat amongst some of the best outdoor brands in the world, newly appointed Brand Director Kev McFadyen wants to inspire consumers to share his love of the outdoors.

Previously leading significant growth for O2, Nando’s and Heineken, Kev has strong brand building experience to bring to Berghaus. Now three months into his new role based at Pentland Brands North East HQ in Sunderland, Kev is certain that the brand can climb its way to the top.

“At three months in I’m just getting started, becoming clearer on what makes our business tick and what we need to do to unlock growth”, said Kev. “Of course, I’m still learning, but I’d like to think where I’m making a difference is in uniting our brand and our people under a common strategy and vision for Berghaus.”

One of the best outdoor brands in the world

Growing up in Scotland, Kev is a keen hill-walker and rock-climber. With a personal connection to the category, his ambition is to take the brand back to its best by using its early aesthetic to inspire future designs.

“When I was growing up, Berghaus was one of the must-have brands so it’s always been on my radar. One of the things that drew me towards this job is that Berghaus has got every right to be one of the best outdoor brands in the world and within Pentland Brands we have the resources, talent and permission to do and be that. We make fantastic gear, and with the right strategic moves we can really turn this brand into something truly special.”

Growing #TimeToGetOut

Kev hit the ground running, joining just a week after Berghaus’ biggest ever campaign #TimeToGetOut went live; encouraging consumers to explore their relationship with everyday life together with the benefits of the outdoors.

“It’s been interesting to come into a role where there’s a campaign the size of #TimeToGetOut already in the market, and it’s so encouraging to see Pentland Brands backing the brand to that level.

“The campaign itself taps into a clear human truth – we all spend far too much time at work, too much time on Instagram, too much time commuting, and we all need to get out into nature more to feel alive. It’s a really strong message to communicate.”

Continuing to make a sustained investment in strategic product and marketing initiatives, the brand recently kicked off the next stage of the campaign’s development.

“The first stage of the campaign has told you it’s time to get out” says Kev. “The next stage adds a new layer where we show you how to get out. One of the most significant things I’ve learnt over the years of working for some incredible brands, that I can now bring to Berghaus, is the importance of tapping into cultural passion points.

“When you do that right, you strike a cord emotionally with consumers and that’s how brands connect with them on a much deeper level. If consumers can see themselves in a brand, see something they can aspire to, then you’ll stand apart from the competition.”

Opportunities on the horizon

Berghaus has a powerful foundation in Kev and his team, who’ve set the direction for growth over the coming years. “We’re lucky to have an enormously talented team of individuals working together on the Berghaus brand.

“As well as getting the brand back to its best and channel segmentation, over the next 12 months we need to set our sights on new markets abroad, beyond the UK – so watch this space!”

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