The winner of the New Designers Pentland Award 2016 is announced

Chirag Patel named as Chief Operating Officer

As sponsors of New Designers 2016, Pentland Brands were proud to announce the winner of the New Designers Pentland Brands Award at a special awards preview evening on Wednesday 6th July.

In its 31st year, the New Designers Exhibition showcases the fresh-thinking, innovative talent of 3,000 brilliant design graduates from the UK’s leading art and design courses. It provides an essential pipeline of new talent into the UK’s creative industries.

A panel of creative professionals from across the business were delighted to present the New Designers Pentland Award to the most exciting designer exhibiting at the event. The prize is a two month paid programme of study within The Design Talent Team.

Congratulations to Tereza Astileanfrom Edinburgh College of Art for winning the Pentland Award 2016 for her unique, innovative product, entitled “Verpackt” – a combination of a low cost thermal jacket and a backpack that can be attached to the jacket and thereby becoming a sleeping bag, which consists entirely of recycled material.

Gareth Davies, Creative Director said: “A fantastic researched product that has been made from industrial carpet waste that is up-cycled to create a new, innovative product.”

Tereza’s product took in to account the vast amount of carpet waste each year and the difficulties to recycle it properly – this inspired her to create an eco-friendly yet attractive product.

Tereza said: “The project is exploring ways in which industrial offcuts of carpet can be re-used. It brings a new methodology to the design of processes, products and services by looking at raw materials both in terms of their intrinsic value and how, at the end of that product’s useful life, they can be taken apart and recycled into products that have value and sophistication beyond their original use.”

We look forward to welcoming Tereza to our Design Talent Team for a two month paid placement.