Speedo reveals Team Speedo, its line-up of super star swimmers at a global New York launch event

Speedo reveals Team Speedo

World’s leading swim brand Speedo reveals Team Speedo, its line-up of super star swimmers at a global New York launch event.

Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin, James Guy and Mireia Belmonte were among 24 of the elite team who unveiled the highly anticipated 2016 Fastskin LZR Racer X

24 athletes, 78 Olympic medals and 17 world records, all in one room. The 24 swimmers stood within an epic installation, measuring 20m by 7m, as the 2016 incarnation of the iconic competitive suit was revealed.  Spectacular projection mapping charted each athlete’s success as the spotlight shone on the structure to illuminate them one by one before the grand finale, which showcased them as one winning team.

Those competing in 2016 will be wearing the Fastskin LZR Racer X suit, cap and goggles. The Fastskin LZR Racer X suit incorporates Speedo’s most advanced swimwear technology since the introduction of the new FINA guidelines in January 2010. Designed by Speedo’s world-renowned Aqualab innovation and research unit the suit development was based on data from extensive 3D scanning and simulations, and in-depth feedback from swimmers, coaches and swim experts from around the world. The finished product has exclusive new gold detailing and is engineered on look, feel and speed to maximise performance and create the optimum hydrodynamic conditions for speed in the water. 

Prior to the dramatic unveiling, the audience was treated to the global premiere of Speedo’s ‘Winning Elements’ campaign film by Oscar-award winning creative studio Framestore. The film tells the Team Speedo story, highlighting the extraordinary elements that make up the DNA of the team and showcases their commitment, dedication and achievements. As a group of over 200 of the world’s leading swimmers, Team Speedo embody the best in swimming and represent countries including the US, UK, France and Spain.

David Robinson OBE from Speedo said:

“We’re very proud to be here today to unveil Team Speedo, some of the fastest, strongest and most dedicated athletes in the world. Whether it’s passion, focus or commitment, there are many elements that make up a winning team and each of our athletes personify them. This is something that Speedo has always celebrated in its support of swimming for over 87 years!

It’s fitting to have this unprecedented number of athletes here at our 2016 Fastskin LZR Racer X launch, as we’ve involved more swimmers, more coaches, more experts in its testing and development than ever before. Their invaluable feedback was intrinsic to creating a suit that not only is fast, but feels fast, and therefore empowers swimmers to swim faster.”

The US’ Missy Franklin commented:

“As an athlete I’m always looking to improve and be better than I was yesterday. This requires a huge amount of commitment and sacrifice. Being part of Team Speedo motivates me to keep progressing as an athlete and I hope to inspire those around me.”

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