Speedo Aqualab, the design team behind the world’s fastest swimsuit

In anticipation of an exciting summer of sport, Speedo is shining a light on the Aqualab global R&D team behind the new Speedo Fastskin® LZR® Intent and LZR Valor –  the world’s fastest swimsuits.  

The Team 

Aqualab, headquartered in the UK and spearheaded by Head of Innovation, Coora Lavezzo, boasts a team of experts specialising in textile technology garment engineering, sports science, computational fluid dynamics, testing protocols and product design. 

 Coora Lavezzo commented, “We work closely with our athletes to ensure technology is optimising performance at every level. Swimming in particular presents differences in the requirements of men and women, and we take into account a multitude of factors beyond coverage. For example, the centre of buoyancy, which differs between men and women. Our team is uniquely placed to work with the world’s most exciting talent in further progressing the sport via the best available technology.”

The Suits  

Following on from Speedo’s 2008 Fastskin LZR Racer suits, which saw NASA feed into the suit design that changed the course of swimming history, the Aqualab team has once again taken inspiration from space travel. While creating the new Fastskin LZR Intent 2.0 and Fastskin LZR Valor 2.0, the Speedo Aqualab team worked closely with Lamoral, whose original coatings were developed for use on satellites. 

The original Fastskin LZR Pure Intent and Fastskin LZR Valor swimsuits were introduced in 2019. Since then, 52% of all individual swimming world records have been broken by athletes wearing the suits, including 75% of world records set in 2023.  At the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, 61% of all gold medals and 49% of all medals won by athletes racing in Speedo. 

The Athletes 

Speedo’s close working relationship with superstar talent throughout the R&D process plays a significant role in perfecting Fastskin as the world’s fast swimsuit. The Aqualab team worked alongside the sport’s leading athletes to produce a suit that helps them to perform at their highest level.  

Australian Champion, Emma McKeon said “The Speedo LZR Intent 2.0 is very flexible and is firm in the areas that need most support. Movement feels limitless and the water just glides off. This is the best racing suit in the world and feels faster than ever. I can’t wait to try it in competition.”  

Regan Smith (USA) added “Mobility is so important when it comes to a suit and Speedo’s LZR Valor 2.0 provides amazing flexibility, as well as all the stability and support I need when I am racing. Learning more about the development of the suit and the materials connection with space-satellites has been inspiring” 

Adam Peaty (UK) stated: “The Speedo Fastskin needs no introduction, it is simply the best swimsuit in the world and has allowed me to perform at the very highest level for many years now. The space age tech feels truly futuristic and enhances my speed in the water, providing me the edge in competition.”

You can find out more about Speedo’s Fastskin suits here .