Pentland returns to UK’s largest creative graduate show – New Designers

Pentland returns to UK's largest creative graduate show - New Designers

The New Designers exhibition brings together 3,000 promising graduate talents across the whole creative spectrum to celebrate and recognise and the next generation of graduate designers .

As we Enter the 32nd edition, Pentland Brands will once again be offering the New Designers Pentland Award, where one graduate will win an 11-month contract within the design talent development programme – Design Pool.

Tamara Sivan-Botbol, Design Pool Manager, talks about the event; shares what she looks for when deciding who should win the Pentland Award; and, explains how they use the event to recruit new talent.

‘It’s always exciting to judge New Designers, I get to meet young talent, just out of university, ready to start their first job and full of exciting fresh ideas to share with the world! In addition to choosing the winner I also look out for great designers to come and work in my team.’

Breadth and diversity

‘Having managed Design Pool for almost 10 years I look for breadth in the portfolio, lots of diversity, different skills and projects. While talking to the graduates I try to see which of our brands I could see them working for, who would benefit from having them work at Pentland? Would they bring something new to the team?

The great thing about Design Pool is that you get to try so many different things and you might actually discover that you can design great footwear even though you studied textiles!’

Show me the process

‘It’s not just about the final outcome, I look for the process, let me get into your head and understand the way you think, I’d like to see a project from start to finish so my advice would be – choose your best projects and make sure you have a structure of start-middle-end.

I also want to see your initial thoughts and mood boards, development and final outcome. Sometimes the process is the best part of the project! And don’t be afraid to pull out your sketch books, it’s always nice to see hand drawings and quick ideas.’

Be yourself

‘Working for design pool means you work in a team for other teams, personality is key, when talking to a designer it’s also important to know that they would fit into the team and be able to collaborate and work with different people, be confident but not arrogant and let me see who you really are.

People ask me what to wear to an interview – and I think: be yourself and don’t forget to smile!’

And remember…

‘Getting a job is a job, put yourself out there, it’s ok to be pushy and have initiative, there are so many graduates every year, if you want me to notice you – work hard, have a great portfolio and make sure you are seen and heard.

I wish all the graduates great success in their future careers and looking forward to adding some great talent to the team.’

Good luck to all those exhibiting at New Designer’s this year.