Pentland announces the winner of its 2020 Design Competition

Alex Grant, of Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts, has been announced as this year’s winner of the Pentland Winston Churchill Wardrobe Competition 2020.

Alex’s winning project was titled ‘Churchill’s “Victory” Swimming Goggles’. The goggles are inspired by the frame of Churchill’s spectacles, that were one of many accessories, that established his style and recognisable image. The goggles have side-shields that feature a relief of an Alan Turing pattern created from images of sharkskin.

Alex said of winning:

“Taking part in this competition was an exciting and rewarding journey of discovery. Throughout this experience I have learned invaluable lessons about myself and my creative process, while winning has reaffirmed the direction I want to take as an aspiring artist and designer.”

Runners up included Emma George, London College of Fashion in second place, and Olivia Thorpe, Manchester Metropolitan University in third place.

Katie Greenyer, Creative Talent and Network Director at Pentland Brands, said:

“Designed during what can only be described as extremely difficult times, the competition entries were a real credit to all the global talent who submitted and presented outstanding work. It’s always a pleasure to meet such passionate and talented young designers. Congratulations to our winners and we’d like to wish all our entrants the very best for the future.”

The competition, which is run by Pentland in collaboration with The Churchill Centre and ARTS THREAD, offers design students and graduates the opportunity to design one item of casual apparel, footwear, or accessory, that Winston Churchill would be proud to wear in 2020. 

A man who knew the power of dressing for the occasion, Churchill dressed in a manner that was undoubtedly ahead of his time. Some would say that his sense of style was peculiar, others unique; combining to create a notably individual look.

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