We’re a constant work in progress

Our executive team oversees all the areas detailed in Our Standards, including responsibility for human rights, supply chain and the environment. We have a dedicated corporate responsibility team which reports to our supply chain executive and works closely with our wider executive team to provide advice, guidance and expertise.

In 2019, we renewed our focus on being a ‘positive business’, with a responsibility to protect people and our planet. ‘Positive business’ is one of our four key strategy pillars as a business and is sponsored by our CEO. All the activities of our brands, functions and individuals feed into this strategy, which is used to determine our business’ success.

We have committees that guide how we take action, including:

Sustainability Steering Committee – including two members of our executive team, this determines initiatives and targets for becoming a more sustainable business.

Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee – sponsored by our CEO, this guides us in becoming a more diverse, inclusive business where everyone is welcomed and supported.

In Good Conscience Forum – overseen by our supply chain executive, this oversees risks and opportunities in our supply chain, including those related to ethics, integrity and the environment.