Mick Fowler and Vic Saunders achieve first ascent on Sersank

Almost 30 years after their last climb together, Mick Fowler and Vic Saunders have successfully completed a first ascent on Sersank (c6,050m) in the Indian Himalaya.

Fowler and Saunders reached the previously unclimbed summit at 12:30pm on 3 October, by the unclimbed 1,100m north face of the mountain.  The expedition was supported by Berghaus and was the first time that the two men have climbed as a team since their first ascent of the Golden Pillar of Spantik (Pakistan) in 1987.

Mick Fowler and Vic Saunders left the UK in mid-September and flew to Delhi.  From there, they had a three day drive to the road-head, followed by a two day walk in to establish base camp.  After acclimatisation, the climb itself took five days, during an eight day round trip from base camp.

Mick Fowler describes the climb: “The climb ticked just about all of the boxes for us – interesting area, great company, unclimbed face, unclimbed summit, a striking line that was visible from afar and led straight to the summit, a challenging climb, and one with an aesthetically pleasing and different descent route.  And it all gave us old men so much pleasure that we are already thinking about plans for next year.”

During their expedition to Sersank, Mick Fowler and Vic Saunders were equipped with the latest products from Berghaus’ all new Extrem range that is available now, along with prototypes for 2017 that have been developed by the MtnHaus® innovation team.

A full account of the trip, along with photos, will be posted on www.berghaus.com in the near future.

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