Make the switch to city cycling with Endura

With more people than ever choosing their bikes as a safer, faster and healthier way of getting to work, there’s no better way to make the switch to city cycling than with Endura.

Offering a comprehensive selection of urban riding gear and practical tips for choosing cycling as your main mode of transport, the brand is focused on helping people to get the best out of their commute. Its campaign ‘Choose Life, Choose Bike’ encourages commuters to skip the rush by using their bikes.

“If Endura can play a small part in assisting the revolution that is sweeping through cities across the world then we’ll be delighted,” Pamela Barclay, Director and Co-founder of Endura says. “Many of our employees have already abandoned their cars and cycle to work at our HQ near Edinburgh, go for lunch break rides, and are involved in our internal product testing.”

Endura has a strong belief in creating products that lasts – a philosophy that propelled it to the forefront of commuter cycling kit. “Our goal is to encourage and nurture a bike culture well beyond the sports cycle market, particularly with the growth in electric bikes as a sustainable transport solution,” says Co-founder Jim McFarlane.

Endura’s ‘Choose Life, Choose Bike’ campaign is just one example of its recent efforts to innovate for sustainability. “We take our environmental responsibility as a company very seriously,” says McFarlane. “The Choose Life Choose Bike campaign is only a small part of our recent efforts towards sustainability. Other steps we’ve taken are moving away from PTFE [Polytetrafluoroethylene plastic], going PFC-free on durable water repellents [the coating used to make fabrics water resistant] and using non-coated recyclable cardboards for hangtags and header cards. We also design our products to be highly durable, so they last a long time without needing replacing.”

You can shop Endura’s city cycling range here.


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