Kickers unveils retro-inspired 70 Lo trainer, with a modern twist

Kickers has unveiled its latest sensation, the 70 Lo trainer, drawing inspiration from its rich archives. In a quest to blend nostalgia with contemporary style, Kickers’ designers have meticulously reimagined a classic design for the modern sneaker aficionado. We caught up with Fernanda Valerio, the creative mind behind the revival, to delve into the process.

Unearthing nostalgia: from archive to present 

Valerio explains the impetus behind resurrecting the 70 Lo: “We sought to encapsulate Kickers’ essence and heritage. Our deep dive into the archives illuminated the popularity of skater trainers in the 2000s, resonating strongly with today’s youth immersed in nostalgic fashion trends.” 

Why the name ’70 Lo’? Valerio reveals, “It’s a homage to Kickers’ inception year, 1970, marking the brand’s enduring legacy.” 

Blending old with new: features and Innovations 

The new 70 Lo preserves classic elements, such as the upper design and vintage branding. However, Valerio notes, “We modernised the silhouette with a flatter, chunkier outsole and revised the fit to meet contemporary standards, ensuring comfort and style converge seamlessly.” 

The evolutionary journey: designing the 70 Lo 

Valerio sheds light on the process: “From initial concept to prototype refinement, the journey spanned two years. We meticulously crafted each detail, from mold development to upper patterns, to make sure every aspect embodies Kickers’ timeless ethos.” 

Don’t miss out: grab your pair today 

The 70 Lo is now available for purchase in black and white variants. Visit the Kickers website to secure your slice of retro-inspired footwear.