Kickers collaborate with Palace Skateboards for AW18

Palace Skateboards and Kickers have collaborated for AW18, combining a true Kickers icon with Palace’s iconoclastic attitude.

Founded in 2009 by Southbank skateboarder Lev Tanju, London’s Palace Skateboards has rapidly risen to become one of the most respected and influential clothing brands on the market. Combining a widely-admired aesthetic sensibility with the anarchic energy of London street skating, Palace have built up a formidable global fan-base in their brief history; straddling the worlds of high fashion, streetwear and core skateboarding. They have previously collaborated with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Reebok and Gore-Tex.

On the partnership, Kickers said: “Palace are at the forefront of the streetwear scene, with a similarly rebellious nature to that of Kickers. The output from this partnership is a modern yet nostalgic take on one of our classic styles – the Kick-Hi boot. We are really proud to announce this new relationship between the two brands.”

Originating in 1970, Kickers is an iconic global brand for confident, style-savvy people. In the UK, the story of Kickers is about more than just shoes, it’s also about the cultural footprint that has spanned the nation’s most memorable music scenes and style tribes. Denim references like rivet-inspired eyelets and triple stitch detailing, as well as the iconic fleurette, help make Kickers shoes truly unique. A celebration of youthful creativity and the belief in self-expression has led to artists such as Oasis, Rod Stewart and The Arctic Monkeys all wearing the brand.

On collaborating with Kickers, Palace said: “Palace regard Kickers with a nostalgia and fondness that anyone who has ever been to school in Britain will recognise. Kickers is a true institution and Palace are proud to be working with them to put their own stamp on a stone-cold design classic: the Hi-Kick boot.”

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