Endura helps commuters get bikes back in action

With the UK government suggesting “active transport” could be a safer method of commuting to work following the COVID-19 pandemic, people are already reaching for their bikes as an alternative to public transport.  

Endura has been making high tech, comfortable gear for commuters for many years and its global campaign to assist the cycling revolution – Choose Life, Choose Bike – has never been more relevant. With the average traffic speed in London well below 16 mph, the campaign celebrates the 80,000 Londoners who beat the daily rush on their bikes, choosing to be faster, fitter and healthier.  

Pamela Barclay and Jim McFarlane, founders of Endura, say: “When we launched the ‘Choose Life, Choose Bike’ campaign, our vision was to create products that allowed people to use a bike as transport in their everyday lives. That hasn’t changed.  

“Helping people get active as part of their daily routines has always been a logical choice, so it’s great to support people at this challenging time by assisting the urban cycling revolution.”  

As the shape of the crisis changes, Endura is now helping people prepare for new ways of getting to work. For key workers who haven’t picked up their bikes in a while or those just looking for a new way of getting around, the brand has published its top tips for giving your bike a quick once over before getting back in action, to make sure it’s in good working order.  

The Endura clan have also collated their tips for those new to or returning to bike commuting – with the aim of encouraging urban commuters to leave the gridlock and opt for health benefits and an improved quality of life.  

During the pandemic, the brand has continued to use its cycling expertise to help people stay active – from compiling its very own ‘Lockdown Library’ of cycling literary favourites to consulting its ambassadors on their top tips for keeping fit 


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