Endura goes around the globe

Last week Jenny Graham broke the world record for the fastest female unsupported world circumnavigation, clad in Endura.

The Scottish endurance cyclist arrived back in Berlin on Thursday 18th of October, after riding for 124 days around the globe, beating the former world record by nearly 3 weeks.

The 38-year old member of The Adventure Syndicate (theadventuresyndicate.com) set out from Berlin on 16th of June at 6am to cycle 18,000 miles across four continents. Travelling east through 16 countries, she risked bears in Canada, close-passing lorries on the Trans-Siberian Highway, and sub-zero temperatures of the Australian winter.

Riding continuously for this length of time not only takes its toll on the athlete, it also demands a lot from your kit – comfort and durability were obviously key, with Jenny’s customised Endura kit living up to the challenge.

Travelling self-supported and carrying all her kit herself, the longdistance rider also had to pack and layer up cleverly to conquer several climate zones and adverse weather conditions, plus the kit had to be lightweight. A Fishnet baselayer and Wms Custom Jersey were the basis of her upper half outfit, delivering fast moisture transfer and drying quickly.

The lightweight Pro SL PrimaLoft® Gilet kept Jenny warm, while the super packable MTR Shell Jacket held the rain off. There were even days when the new record holder wore all her kit at once. Endura’s lightweight FS260-Pro Helmet protected Jenny’s head while the Stella Glasses shielded her eyes.

Jenny Graham is an inspiration to every cyclist out there. Having completed challenges such as the Highland Trail 550, the Cairngorm Loop, the Arizona Trail Race and a four-day winter LEJOG, she had asked herself prior to the circumnavigation: “Yeah, but I wonder how far I could actually go…”

Pamela Barclay, Endura’s Brand Director, says: “A monster shout out to Jenny Graham for an impressive display of vision, strength, tenacity and stamina…congratulations from all at Endura.”

Photos by Thomas Hogben


The Endura brand, established in 1993, has been synonymous with inventive, bulletproof kit that relishes the stresses that any kind of biking subjects it to. From Mountain to Road, Urban Commute to Triathlon they are #AllTribesOneClan, with a philosophy of Renegade Progress which defies convention and embraces the radical to create game-changing products.

From the first protos made on a kitchen table in Edinburgh, Endura has evolved into an admired global brand with a rack of game-changing and award-winning products. Endura supports an impressive roster of world class athletes including Movistar Team, trials sensation Danny MacAskill and downhill siblings the Athertons of Trek Factory Racing.

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