Chirag Patel named as Chief Operating Officer

Pentland Brands has appointed Chirag Patel as Chief Operating Officer.

Andy Long, CEO, Pentland Brands, says, “Our focus in 2017 was on setting our business up for growth, so we can make our brands matter to more people. This year is about delivering what we’ve set out in our three-year plan, so we’ve evolved Chirag Patel’s role, from Global Strategy & Portfolio Director to Chief Operating Officer, to lead this work.

“Chirag will take ownership of our operating model, governance structure and make sure the way we’re working day-to-day keeps us on track to deliver our goals.”

As part of his new role, Patel will continue to lead the Pentland Brands strategy and planning process, as well as leading growth through the acquisition of new brands and footwear licenses.

Chirag Patel, COO, Pentland Brands, says, “I’m really looking forward to working with the Executive team to grow our current brand business, alongside investing in new high potential brands, so we continue to build our great portfolio of active and footwear brands.”

Chirag, who previously worked across sales and marketing roles for Datamonitor and Power Plate International, joined Pentland Brands in 2011 as Global Vice President of Marketing & Product for Mitre International. He was promoted to Managing Director of the brand in 2013 before moving to Lacoste Chaussures in 2014 as Global Vice President, Product & Marketing.

Chirag then joined the Pentland Brands Executive team as Director of Strategy & Portfolio in 2017, where he led the team behind the investment in US sneaker brand, SeaVees, and the footwear joint venture business with the Lacoste Group.