Celebrating our people: 2018 Pentland Brands People Awards

We close 2018 by recognising the amazing contributions of some of our fantastic people across the organisation, with our first Pentland People Awards.

The Awards are a global celebration and an opportunity for people to nominate their colleagues for outstanding contributions, demonstrated through our Pentland Principles:

+ Success is a team game: our individual strengths are amplified when we work as teams, sharing skills and with shared ambition.
+ With clarity and courage: clear in our ambitions, bold and direct in pursuit of them.
+ Better as standard: creating, learning, improving; getting better at what we do is our business as usual.
+ In good conscience: reputation is earned; we believe in doing the right thing, not the easy thing, both as individuals and as an organisation.

With over 470 nominations received worldwide, our judges shortlisted around 70 award winners across our locations.

Andy Long, CEO, Pentland Brands, said “It was great to see so many nominations for our first Pentland People Awards, recognising members of the Pentland family who led the way in living our Principles through 2018.

“It’s a great chance for everyone in the business to recognise colleagues for the things that really make a difference to us, both as a business and as a team.

“Our Principles are key to ensuring we retain what’s always been special about Pentland, while adapting to win in a fast-changing world.

“Having so many people taking the time to praise their colleagues and give them the recognition they rightly deserved was a fitting way to close the year.”

Here are the 2018 Pentland People Award winners to date with one more winner to be announced later this week.

Adam Gill
Aimee Alderson
Alistair Kilgour
Andy Young
Annie Murray-Bruce
Anthony Bowler
Balagopal Vallath
Ben Lacey
Callum Gillies
Cameo Du
Caroline Nankinga
Carson Pan
Catherine Wang
Craig Thurlow
Chloe Allan
Cristina Vila Nadal
Dan Harman
Darren McInerney
Dave McGurk
David Li
Dominique Highfield
Eleanor Moss
Emma Belmont
Eric Bagtas
Hannah Walters
Henal Hann
Iurdana De Prada
James Benn
James Martin
Jayne Ward
Jessica Linsen
Jo Bird
Joe Tupas
John Kourpas
Kamala Kannan
Karin Siedel
Katie McNamara
Laura browning
Laura Wilson-Bell
Laurent Ameline
Leana Moss
Liam Wilson
Liam Wyatt
Louis Kwong
Martyn Smith
Natasha Walmsley
Parthiban Govindarajulu
Peter Moody
Pratik Malde
Richard Allen
Rob Burr
Robyn Braithwaite
Shane Abbott
Sian Sweeney
Sophia Zhang
Sophie Xiong
Stacey Pham
Steve Sunley
Steven Mensah
Theo Fung
Vanessa Watson
Vicki Short
Wing Chow
Ye Lu