Brands’ tree programme to support reforestation and biodiversity

In partnership with Eden Reforestation, this year our brands have planted six million trees to support reforestation, biodiversity and provide employment in communities affected by poverty. These brand activities are part of our tree planting programme, which aims to plant 50 million trees by 2032. Here’s how our brands have been taking action:


70% of our planet is water, and Speedo is on a journey to protect its heartland for those who love to swim in it. As part of its Trees for Clean Seas programme, the brand is planting four million trees by 2022, which not only create essential habitats for sea life but also absorb ten times more CO2 than other trees – helping clean the air for us and our oceans. In 2021, Speedo published its sustainability report, outlining the brands commitment to people and our planet.


Since Endura originally unveiled its tree planting commitment in January 2020, the brand has planted two million trees in the Naputo Bay area of Mozambique – double its initial target. Endura is also taking action closer to home, with 85,000 trees planted in Scotland and a new woodland created with native tree species to boost biodiversity. By taking action to both reduce and offset their emissions, Endura plans to become CO2 negative by 2024.


The Good Wood Project sees Berghaus celebrate all trees while they’re busy growing new ones. To mark its commitment to planting five million trees by 2025, the brand is asking consumers to share their favourite tree photos to curate a ‘digital forest’ and celebrate that the best of life is lived outside. This year the brand also published its first sustainability report.


ellesse celebrated Earth Day 2021 with a competition to create the best outdoor yoga pose alongside announcing its commitment to planting 500,000 mangrove trees – reflecting the balance needed to build a better future for a planet.

Sara Brennan, Positive Business Director, says: “We were reassured by the COP26 commitment to end and reverse deforestation by 2030, which is key to slowing the negative impact of climate change. Although there’s always more to be done, we’re proud to support this important cause while we continue to take action on new and innovative ways to reduce our own environmental impact.”

100-1-0 STRATEGY

As a business, we’re continuously looking for new ways we can reduce our environmental impact, through both carbon reduction and offsetting initiatives, with our brands aiming to achieve net zero between 2024 and 2032.

You can find out more about our 100-1-0 positive business strategy on the Positive Business pages of our website.

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