Berghaus expands sustainable product initiative for summer 2016

Berghaus expands sustainable product initiative for summer 2016

Berghaus has extended the scope of its product sustainability programme for summer 2016 with the launch of Made Kind. From this season onwards, the new Made Kind symbol will highlight fabrics and technologies that combine high performance with low environmental impact, whether that’s in the form of more eco-friendly materials or improved processes.  The symbol can be found on swing tickets across a wide range of the latest Berghaus products.

To earn the Made Kind tag, Berghaus products must meet at least one of three criteria: be made out of a bluesign® approved fabric; be made using the award winning Colourkind colouring process; or be made using recycled materials.

Berghaus has placed a particular focus on reducing water use in product manufacture, recognising the increasing pressure that is being put on this limited resource by growing populations and industrialisation. This was highlighted by the World Economic Forum which put water scarcity at the top of its global risk ranking in 2015.

Berghaus Colourkind features in extensions to the summer clothing range, including wovens and knits, with shirts and t-shirts incorporating Berghaus’ proven ARGENTIUM® fast wicking and quick
drying fabric technology.New for the season are the men’s and women’s Ortler shirts (men’s short sleeved – £45, women’s long sleeved – £55), classically styled travel shirts with features
designed for extended use in warmer climates.

Also new is a collection of comfortable and stylish ARGENTIUM® t-shirts, such as the women’sVoyager (£35) and men’s Voyager Overhang (£35).

The Colourkind process adds colour to the polymer melt before it is extruded into fibres, eliminating the stages of standard textile production that consume the largest quantities of water and generate the most pollutants, and resulting in a higher quality fabric with improved colour fastness.  Colourkind reduces fresh water consumption by 89% versus standard dyeing, as well as COemissions by 62%, and chemical use by 63%.

Thanks to Colourkind, Berghaus hopes to have saved 2,500,000 litres of water from its production process by the end of summer 2016. For this year, the use of the process has been extended to a significantly larger range of Berghaus products.

The spring/summer 2016 Berghaus range is available now from and selected specialist outdoor retailers. To find out more about the Berghaus Made Kind programme, visit the dedicated section on the brand’s website.

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