Berghaus champions repairing over replacing through Repairhaus

A Berghaus employee repairing an item of clothing

Berghaus has unveiled  Repairhaus, a refresh of the free repairs service it’s offered since the outdoor brand was established 56 years ago.  

Led by a talented team at the brand’s headquarters in Northeast England, Repairhaus attempts to repair any damaged Berghaus clothing, footwear, pack accessory, however old, worn or weathered the item is. Although consumers pick up the cost of sending their gear to them, the fix-up is on the house. 

 If the kit is unrepairable and has come to the end of its life, consumers are given two options: a like-for-like replacement for products still covered by guarantee, or the choice to upcycle the unrepairable items and receive a 30% discount on a new product.  

Not only is Repairhaus a cost-effective solution for consumers but extending a product’s life is one way of reducing environmental impact. Data from Berghaus’ internal tools shows that, on average, repairing rather than buying a new like-for-like product generates 50% less kg of CO2e.  

Alongside its free repairs service, Berghaus is committed to finding other ways to be a positive business.

Berghaus brand director Charlie Pym explains: “Berghaus products are built to last, but of course, one of the risks of outdoor adventure is your kit. As well as years of general wear and tear, products can get damaged in various ways. We’ve always offered the repair service and our in-house team has a treasure trove of stories about how they’ve helped keep much loved Berghaus kit out there in action.

Repairhaus is a fundamental pillar of our positive business strategy. By extending the life of products for as long as possible, they don’t need to be replaced. We look at the full life cycle of kit – from our approach, product development, manufacturing, and packaging through to end-of-life options. We also work with Dirtbags Climbing, who repurpose kit into new and different products.”  

Visit Repairhaus for more information. 

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