World Health Day: How we build brands that move you

World Health Day

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of staying active and living a healthy life. However, evidence from the World Health Organization shows that 81% of teenagers and 27.5% of adults worldwide require more physical activity*, at least 150 minutes a week.**

Our goal is to help 100 million consumers lead an active and healthy lifestyle by 2032.    

Whether it’s swimming, hiking, cycling, or any other form of physical activity, our sports, outdoor and lifestyle brands are leading the charge in promoting healthy and active lifestyles. 

Improving physical and mental heatlh 

Physical activity is linked to improved mental, emotional and social health. Our brands are committed to creating products that encourage more active lifestyles. Berghaus’ contemporary collection is made for versatile city-to-nature adventures, while ellesse has designed a Padel-inspired range for on-court wear or summer socials. Canterbury makes technical training wear for teams in rugby, cricket, hockey and netball, working closely with players to help them perform at their best.     

Team sport is known to boost mental wellbeing, as well as crucial skills like teamwork, communication and resilience. Football brand Mitre encourages players to watch and play the game.

Democratizing access to sport  

Our brands are also giving more people access to opportunities, kit and equipment that help them get active.  

Speedo’s Swim United programme funds learn-to-swim and water safety programmes for children and adults in the UK, South Africa, Canada and the US. It’s also advocating for the UK government to provide resources enabling more individuals to learn this crucial life-saving skill. 

Berghaus backs initiatives that enhance accessibility to the outdoors for underrepresented groups, supporting The Outward Bound Trust, It’s Great Out There Coalition, Millimetres 2 Mountains and Black Girls Hike.   

And the Endura Lifecycle Charitable Trust is giving people a chance to experience the joy of mountain biking by offering free sessions for people who might otherwise face challenges accessing outdoor activities to enjoy the therapeutic effect of mountain biking.  

Building a healthier world

As a business that prioritises health, wellbeing and confidence, we’re proud to support the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) memorandum of understanding with the World Health Organization to improve global health.   

Simon Rowe, VP Global Sports Marketing at Pentland Brands and Vice Chair of the WFSGI Physical Activity Committee (PAC), says: “At Pentland Brands, we understand the value of living a healthy, active and positive life and our brands are committed to helping their consumers do just that. The decline in physical activity is of global concern, so the memorandum of understanding signed between the World Health Organisation and the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry is a vital step towards the industry’s commitment to encourage sports participation and improve global health.”  

*Joining forces for a healthier world

**World Health Organisation

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