Recycled footwear design wins Pentland Brands Limited Award at New Designers 2018

Recycled footwear design wins Pentland Brands Limited Award at New Designers 2018

Pentland Brands has announced the winner of the Pentland Brands Limited Award at the New Designers competition in Islington, London.

The Award was received by Ollie Kidner of Falmouth University, for his project ‘Reshoevenate’; a new take on footwear made using recycled products. The shoe is designed with the intention of reducing the number of shoes that end up in landfill, which is approximately 90% of all shoes globally.

The exhibition sees creative graduates selected from hundreds of UK universities to showcase their portfolios to members of the creative industry. The prize, awarded by Pentland Brands, offers the winner a two-month placement the Design Pool team. Ollie will join the team of talented designers working in the creative community across Pentland’s portfolio of brands.

On winning the Award, Ollie said: “I’m just really excited to broaden my knowledge and go in all sorts of creative directions, and explore different possibilities. Just being able to meet people in industry will be amazing.”

Katie Greenyer, Creative Talent and Network Director at Pentland Brands, said: “we loved Ollie’s project as it demonstrates a knowledge of real-life trends and has a strong social purpose. Pentland specialises in building footwear brands, so Ollie is set to make a fantastic contribution!”

New Designers is a rewarding way of finding new creative talent, through an immersive snapshot of work by up-and-coming designers. As a family-owned business that builds brands that matter to the consumer, Pentland values creativity and innovation. New Designers is a fantastic opportunity to source fresh creative talent and ensure the business continues to grow and evolve.

Pentland will be welcoming Ollie into its creative community later this year.