Brands’ top tips to support body and mind

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week UK, with the theme of ‘nature’. Evidence from Sport England shows that being physically active increases energy, reduces anxiety and depression and supports a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Whether it’s a Berghaus jacket withstanding the adverse weather or a Speedo suit powering you through the pool, our brands are built to support health, wellbeing and confidence. Here are their top tips for getting involved in activities, at any level, to support your mental health.


“As a brand, we believe that anyone, anywhere, should have the right to swim. Now that pools are back open in the UK, it’s easier than ever to pop down to your local community pool or lido for a dip. Swimming is the perfect way to destress and switch off from technology after a day of screen time and it’s a great way of meeting new people, too. Inner city swim clubs like Swim Dem Crew are working to make the sport more inclusive, so you’re guaranteed to make new friends along the way. Or, if the countryside is your back garden, open water swimming could be your new favourite thing.  Communities like Wonderful Wild Women have been set up to inspire women of all ages, experiences and abilities to enjoy the water. The important thing is to look at what’s out there and find something that works for you.”


“We want the outdoors to be for everyone. During the pandemic, one positive has been more and more people discovering walking as a great way to keep fit, motivated and happy, so we’d recommend putting on your comfiest shoes and seeing where the day takes you. If you’re not keen on walking alone, see if you can find a local walking group. Our ambassadors Iona Rendall and Rhiane Fatinikun run walking groups across Scotland, the North West, Midlands and London – and if it’s love at first hike for you, they also offer skills courses from basic navigation to the do’s and don’ts of wild camping.”


“We’re passionate about rugby being an inclusive sport, enjoyed by people of all ages and ability. Whether playing or watching, we’re all fans at heart. If you’re looking to join a team, you can search for your local club here. If you’re looking for something a little more casual, try Tag Rugby or just practice your skills with your mates down the park. And when the pitches start to fill up again and matches are played in earnest, why not take a walk to your local club, give them support and watch them play!”


“If you’re thinking of getting your bike back in action, why not make the most of these Spring days and switch to cycling for your commute?  It doesn’t have to be all or nothing – life can get in the way and doing just two days a week can make a big difference. Our blog provides a ton of tips to make sure your bike is in top condition before you get riding and we also share all the essentials you’ll need during your journey.”


“We’re all about making shoes that last, so you can ditch the drive to school and walk instead. Why not take part in Living Street’s Walk To School Week challenge from 17th May? This year’s challenge focuses on the walking superpowers that benefit individuals, communities and the planet.”

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