Senior Analyst – Data Visualization

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Job title: 

Senior Analyst Developer (Reporting) 

Date reviewed: 

​​Choose an item.​   ​2023​ 

Job reports to: 

VP IT EMEA and Global Analytics 


​​Data & Analytics​ 

Decision making responsibilities: 

​​☐​ Develop Team Structure  

​​☐​ Manage Functional Budget  

​​☐​ Set Team Objectives  

​​☐​ Functional Game Plan 

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Job level: 

​​4-Manager/Senior Specialist​ 

Direct reports: 



Type of role: 



Job purpose: Explain briefly what the job does and why it exists. 

Senior developer in the reporting space.  Experience in not only reporting solutions but also Knowledge of AI/ML integration and automated analytics. This role will work very closely with the Data Transformation teams in developing reporting data models and cubes for both visualization tools and reporting software. 

Key responsibilities: List in order of priority, the key activities and outputs of the role, describing what is necessary to achieve the job’s end results.  

Data Modelling in GCP, SQL and Power BI 

Building data visualisations within Power BI, Looker and other packages within the business 

Business knowledge to ensure visualisations show relevant data 

Working with Commercial, Supplychain and Logistical teams to develop, test and deploy reporting solutions 

Producing standardised reports through Microsoft and Google products for business consumption 

Developing junior analysts and input into company wide data training 

Key performance metrics: That the role influences and controls. 





Key technology capabilities: SAP AFS knowledge, Python, PoweShell, Figma, etc.  Used to help recruiters target specific technologies. 

Visualisation software 



GCP/Google Sheets 

AI/ML knowledge 




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