Materials Specialist (Hard Goods)

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The role you’d play:


The Pentland Innovation Team is a multi-skilled team tasked with providing innovative solutions to address important (consumer) problems. Working in both R&D, sustaining and transformative innovation.


You will be the innovation team’s materials specialist for hard goods. You have significant experience in the exploration, identification, evaluation and manufacture of innovative advanced materials in the hard goods realm. You will be responsible for leading and owning programs and projects for material developments that can be taken to scale.


You will push the boundaries, make the new become normal and show ingenuity in providing solutions to the problems the consumers and the business faces. You will continuously be developing and maintaining a global network of materials partners and experts in all tiers of the supply chain and across the technology readiness levels, to ensure Pentland is at the cutting edge.


You must live and breathe materials and be passionate about getting other people excited about them too. Innovation cannot happen behind closed doors and as a key member of a small team, you must have strong communication, collaboration, and influencing skills which you will use in your interactions throughout a project, both internally and externally.


Creative problem solving is at the heart of everything that we do. We're looking for someone that is not only an expert in their field but has a design thinking mindset. The right candidate will be passionate about solving important problems, will be comfortable with the uncertainty that not every solution will work but by experimenting and learning, we will be able to find the answer to complex challenges.


If you like maintaining the status quo, then this isn’t the role for you.


What you’ll do:


  • Your expertise and application of new and exciting materials solutions will ensure that Pentland’s brands remain relevant to the fluid expectations of our consumers.
  • You will combine your acute understanding of what consumers want/need with an expert opinion of what is possible – hitting the sweet spot between desirability and feasibility.
  • You will provide materials expertise into defined workstreams interfacing closely with innovation designers and engineers as well as influencing functional key project leads.
  • Your collaborative nature will enable you to develop a support network within the function and across Pentland’s divisions, with a focus on creating successful outcomes for the innovation team
  • Materials solutions will offer efficiencies, sustaining improvements as well as transformative and disruptive opportunities for our brands. You will manage this spectrum of activity and work with the Head of R&D in the management of time, cost and quality of output
  • Your wide external network of research, academic and industrial partners will enable you to bring the outside-in, providing resource and opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be possible
  • The technical performance and functional requirements of the materials will be clearly defined, and you’ll apply rigour and best practice in meeting these criteria
  • You will champion best practice materials development across Pentland and find opportunities to engage and influence around the business



What you bring:


  • Materials expertise – Technical knowledge, to degree level or equivalent experience of applied polymer/hard materials.
  • Proven track record of being able to think creatively to research and identify new material developments and apply them to solve important consumer problems which have commercial potential (Ideally in the sports industry).
  • Demonstrable evidence of providing materials solutions within an R&D or Innovation environment.
  • Proven ability to understand and define material property requirements in scientific and industry standards. Knowledge of common testing methods and an understanding of scientific process and rigor. An understanding of various life cycle analysis techniques and their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Knowledge of various processing/manufacturing techniques which could be relevant to footwear/equipment product categories.
  • In depth understanding of the latest materials developments in the industry, especially in lower impact materials.
  • Ability to identify and work with partners from across the globe, from manufacturers and materials suppliers to universities and startups.
  • General understanding and knowledge of patents and IP etc.
  • Experience in application of software to an appropriate level for the purpose of creativity, data management, presentation, report writing and communication.
  • General project management ability.


Who you are:

  • Passionate about materials and the sports industry.
  • A creative problem solver: comfortable with the unknown and uncertainty, with the drive to find resolutions.
  • Highly collaborative, team player.
  • Experiencd in cross functional team working with designers, engineers, supply chain, category managers and quality assurance.
  • Someone who can champion ideas and influence throughout the business to generate buy in for projects, with an ability to communicate technical information in a simple manner.
  • Flexible and agile, able to juggle multiple projects successfully at the same time.
  • Ambitious, output focused and pragmatic.
  • Able to communicate effectively and work under tight timelines and with limited information.

If this sounds like the perfect role, please apply and we’ll be in touch soon.

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