Head of Global Brand-Non Competitive

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Key Responsibilities & Skills

  • You will own Speedo’s global definition of our non-competitive swimmers, ensuring we understand the physical & emotional needs of these target consumers better than any other brand, and using this consumer insight to drive a deep empathy throughout Speedo’s teams all over the world.

  • You will define & own Speedo’s global consumer strategy for non-competitive swimmer, with the support of Speedo’s global leadership team, designing a strategy and plan to ensure we are the #1 brand in all key markets. As the owner of that plan, you will “call the plays” across Marketing, Product & Sales to ensure we have a cohesive and consistent strategy across our business.

  • You will collaborate with our Innovation, Product Management & Merchandising teams to define & brief the product ranges that will ensure we best serve these consumers, from learn-to-swim through to holiday essentials and everything in between.

  • You’ll be “poolside” with our target consumer day-in-day-out, gaining invaluable first- hand feedback on range architecture, product design, brand aesthetic, commercial feedback and all other facets of consumer insight that will enhance our ability to serve their needs better. You will ensure this highly prized information is widely shared internally to create a consistent focus across our key markets.

  • You will collaborate with our Innovation & Design teams to facilitate product trials that drive constant product improvements.

  • You will partner hand-in-glove with our Content Marketing Teams to hand-pick the best ambassadors & communities to partner with, and to ensure our partnerships get the maximum yield for both Speedo and our ambassadors (a win-win relationship). You will also ensure our ambassador needs are fed back into our innovation & product design process.

  • You will lead any tent-pole marketing campaigns that are specific to the non-competitive swimming audiences.

  • You will consult heavily with our Sales teams to ensure consumer purchase behaviour is well understood, and that we’re only every putting the right products into the right channels to meet the needs of the right consumers.

What you’ll bring

  • Just like our founder, you’ll bring an entrepreneurial energy & maverick approach to business and a high level of commercial acumen and ambition

  • A passion for swimming, and an untameable determination to be the #1 swimwear brand in the world

  • An unrivalled perspective and insight on non-competitive swimmers and the wider category

  • First-class creative judgement and a natural eye for detail and well-resolved design

  • You know how brands grow, and you know how they thrive. You will have a solid &

    demonstrable understanding of what it takes to build a brand that truly resonates with

    the non-competitive consumer.

  • You know how to write robust and convincing consumer strategy, and be able to

    construct brand propositions from concept through to consumer

  • You intuitively understand how to create ‘brand heat’, and how to wield cultural

    resonance as a brand building tool

  • You are brave and disruptive by nature, and unafraid to channel that energy into your

    work at Speedo

  • You’ll be a team player, naturally inclined to lean into the organisation around you in

    order to best achieve your goals – whether that be building content plans, go to market strategies, new propositions or global marketing campaigns.

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