Commercial Analyst (B2B, D2C, MP, Retail, Positive, Fin, HR)

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Job Purpose:


Analyst to support Analytics in the respective function allocated (Gathering, Analyzing, and Interpreting data specifically related to the brand are assigned while developing actionable insights which will impact various aspects of the business)


Key responsibilities: 


1    KPI Dashboarding: Own the development and maintenance of KPI reporting for the function

2    Scenario Planning: Lead the 'What if' scenario planning to determine optimised business processes and plans

3    Growth Analytics: Spearheading Pro-active analysis to identify growth areas for sales and marketing

4    Inventory Optimization: Pro-active analysis to optimise stock parameters to maintain availability whilst reducing overstocks

5    Performance Reviews: Retrospective analysis to show performance of stock and previous decisions

6    Optimize Range Mix: Range analysis to direct future optimum ranges. Identifying opportunity gaps and product areas that are currently underrepresented but have growth potential

7    Strategic Brand Planning: Contribute with data-backed insights across all areas of the brand planning and execution delivery cycle to ensure data is at the heart of all decision making


Key performance metrics: 

  • Stakeholder satisfaction – (i) Feedback from the commercial teams and (ii) Quality of cross-functional collaborations through measurable parameters like # of projects (and timelines met), joint initiatives, % of resource sharing, # of success stories, etc.
  • Quality of scope and business requirement documentation
  • Operational Impact: Productivity improvement, Effectiveness of “What if” scenarios and its adaptation in the commercial function/business strategy
  • Time and cost reduction (Downtime reduction, time to market delta outcome)


Key technology capabilities:

  • Advanced Excel Skills (Proficiency in data manipulation, data modelling, pivot tables, VLOOKUPs, and complex formula creation)
  • Data Visualization Tools: Proficiency in data visualization tools such as Tableau or Power BI to create insightful reports and dashboards. Identify and suggest integration opportunities across
  • Database Management: Understanding of SQL for querying databases and extracting relevant data with an ability to suggest best practices
  • Statistical Software: Hands-on experience with statistical software like R or Python for in-depth analysis, data visualization and modelling
  • Google Cloud Platform: Familiarity with GCP tools like BigQuery, Data Studio, or Looker for data storage, query, and visualization.
  • ERP Systems: Experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like SAP BW
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